Volleyball and I

A picture of the team after a tournament

Volleyball impacted my life significantly. In fact, the reason I left my native country (Brazil) to study and live in the United States is because I was recruited to play volleyball in the US. I’ve been around the game for many years now, and my roots were planted in middle school where one of my PE teachers highly encouraged me to try out for a club team.  Some family friends told me about a tryout for a farming volleyball team at Sao Paulo Futebol Clube (SPFC), in Sao Paulo, Brazil when I was about 14 years old and there I met great people – some of which I still keep in touch with- as well as great mentors including Fabio Broggini, Sergio Cunha, and Alexandre Rivetti.

While at SPFC, I was recruited to play volleyball for Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, where I started pursuing a psychology degree. Around that same time, I joined the Esporte Clube Pinheiros team where I was fortunate to play with some of the best players in the country – including some olympians – and under formidable caliber coaches such as Cláudio Lopes Pinheiro (Brazil’s Olympic Team’s Assistant Coach), Ari Rabello, and Almyr Souza. During my career at ECP I won many tournaments including third place at the Brazilian National Championship.

A picture of me and the team of ECP

In 2002, I was recruited to to play for the Baylor Bears in Waco, TX on a full athletic scholarship . I loved playing for Baylor, but unfortunately my career was cut short due to multiple knee injuries (and a broken hand :/ ). Still, during my career as a Baylor Bear I got to play in NCAA’s BIG 12 conference against great opponents and with amazing teammates that have become more than family to me.

Celebrating a point at Baylor

Throughout my many years at Baylor and after earning my masters degree in Sport Pedagogy and Coaching I was fortunate to coach at Baylor Summer Volleyball Camps, local volleyball camps, as well as at Waco Juniors Volleyball Club.

All these years around this wonderful sport made me a very strong individual who: (1) enjoys working very hard for a goal; (2) works great with other team players; and (3) and takes great pride in the power of practice. Coaching has also allowed me to meet incredible athletes and parents, which I am very thankful for.  In addition, during my graduate assistantship at Baylor, I have worked with the Baylor Volleyball Coaching Staff as an assistant recruiting coordinator. In that position, I was responsible for watching recruiting tapes, sending recruiting packages, creating scouting reports for the team, etc.

In 2012, I joined the coaching staff at MadFrog Volleyball. Here is my bio from the MadFrog website:

Coaching Philosophy: Volleyball is just as much about leadership, heart, and soul as it is about technical aspects and sport specific skills. With my athletes, I work very hard on perfecting the sport specific skills, but always with strong focus on positive interpersonal attitude, self-belief, and bonding team work. For all age groups that I’ve coached, I strongly emphasize that while volleyball had the potential of opening many doors in life (from my own personal testimony), it is always supposed to be fun and bring you fond memories for whatever path life takes.

A throw back picture from one of my Waco Junior teams.

Addy began her career at 14 years old in Sao Paulo, Brasil. She played for Sao Paulo Futebol Club volleyball team and Esporte Clube Pinheiros under the guidance of outstanding volleyball coaches including Claudio Lopes Pinheiro (two time Olympic volleyball coach for the Brazilian National Team). Addy was recruited, from Brazil, to join the Baylor Volleyball Team in 2003 and moved on her own to the US because while she really liked playing volleyball professionally, she understood the importance/longevity of higher education in a person’s life. She graduated from Baylor in 2006 with an undergraduate degree in graphic design, in 2008 with a master’s degree in Sport Pedagogy and Coaching (while working for the Baylor Volleyball team as a recruiting assistant), and is expected to graduate again in May 2013 with a Doctorate degree in Education. Addy had taught undergraduate volleyball courses, coached at Baylor Volleyball camps, other Central Texas camps, and for clubs in Central Texas (14s, 16s, and 18s teams).

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