The Latest “Thangs” – 7.15.10

EDC5370: I am so excited to write this blog post not because I have so many fun things to tell, but also because I am composing this message sitting one a VERY comfy chair at Panera Bread with my dear EDC5370. We are wrapping up our second week of classes, and we decided to bring […]

Are you a poop stepper?

So…the other day I was leaving work, and just as I stepped foot outside my office I grabbed my phone and checked if anyone had called me. No one had :(. Then, instead of putting my amazing iPhone away I decided to wonder around my apps and see what I could play with while walking […]

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Tables vs CSS

Today I had a really interesting conversation with my former WebDesign teacher (Virginia Green). Whenever I took her class, one of the things that was emphasized the most was that we should use tables to organize our content. It turns out that, after reading a lot on the subject, she found out that the main […]

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