File sharing with Minbox

Today, a new FREE app called Minbox was launched. It is a very fast way for mac users to share files from their desktop. The product is pretty awesome. I have already downloaded, installed it, and already took it for a test drive and I am already hooked. Maybe the best thing about it was […]

Presentation at NAGPS National Conference

I Recently found the powerpoint file of a presentation I made at the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students. Here it is:

10 on Tuesday v.9

[1] I love the Texas Rangers Baseball Team. I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and we don’t have baseball there AT ALL, but since I have started dating my bf who is VERY MUCH into baseball and the Rangers I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE TEAM! Last week, my bf and I went to […]

10 on Tuesday v.6

[1] Went to Disneyworld this weekend and it was GREAT! (full detail blog post to come). [2] The guy in this video. PERIOD. Watch it and you will know what I am talking about. [3] I love Shipley Do-nuts. Every morning when I have to be in Waco for work I get myself 1 sausage […]

Random Thursday v.4

As part of the Random Thursday link up I have listed in this post my current obsessions. If you would like to sign up to this link up CLICK HERE. [1] The Stereo Love station in my Pandora Radio. I decided to create this station based on the hit clubby song, but ended up bumping […]

10 on Tuesday v.4

[1] Today I was perusing through my Facebook wall and saw some friends talking about This website is awesome if you want to kill time. You add characters to a box and pick which melodies, effect, and beats that they will make and they start making sounds. The funniest things is that the creators […]

10 on Tuesday v.1

Thanks to my Dear Sarah I have learned about the wonders of linking up with other bloggers and sharing life and ramblings. Therefore, I have chosen to participate on 10 on Tuesdays hosted by Lin and Megan. [1] I absolutely love technology and the perks that come with it. My mom went to visit a good friend of […]

Good Reads | High Tech Heretic

  1. What is the one major point from this work that I would like to remember? The point of this book that I would like to remember is that even thought the internet provides a lot of information, it does not mean that all of it is good information. The author described the internet […]

Good Reads | The Dumbest Generation

1. What is the one major point from this work that I would like to remember? The major point of this book that I would like to remember is that even thought knowledge is so accessible through so many vehicles of information younger generations are not utilizing them to acquire knowledge. Instead, younger generations are […]

To Blog or To Blog…not even a question

How long has it been since I have posted something here? A while right? However it is not like I haven’t been thinking about bloggable subjects. Even this post has been drafted a while ago…i just have not posted it. Surprisingly, the though of blogging about a subject has been in my mind A LOT, […]

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