Random Thursday v.4

As part of the Random Thursday link up I have listed in this post my current obsessions. If you would like to sign up to this link up CLICK HERE. [1] The Stereo Love station in my Pandora Radio. I decided to create this station based on the hit clubby song, but ended up bumping […]

Random Thursday v.3

This Week:┬áCelebrity Girl Crushes We know you all have those female celebrities that you gush over. In this week’s random thursday I will let you know who they are! What is it about them that makes me swoon? [1] Sofia Vergara. The reason she is number one in my list is because she is beautiful, […]

Random Thursday v.2

This Week’s Topic:┬áDream Vacation!! If I was given the opportunity to have an all expenses paid vacation, where would I go?! Who would I take with me?! What would I pack?! That’s an easy one: BORA BORA. There are many places that I would like to visit, and I even have my own Pinterest board […]

Random Thursday v.1

So, today I joined a new challenge/link up called Random Thursday. If you want to know more details about it or join it you can just click the big purple button above this paragraph. The gist of it is that the host ladies send out an email every week with a random topic and the […]

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