T minus 12

So excited about this one! So, when Kelsey and I coached together (she was my assistant coach for a team in Waco years ago), we would go out of town for tournaments. Our team was decent, but often we didn’t do so well and Kelsey and I would get very frustrated. So, we would go […]

T Minus 13

The package dated November 10th is here and it is a puzzle to me. Funny, delicious, yet a puzzle. It is a can of condensed milk. Perhaps she sent me because it is a staple on Brazilian pantries everywhere. Perhaps it is because I like cooking desserts with it. Perhaps I should concoct a drink […]

T Minus 14

The second gift from my birthday gift package dated November 9th is here (pictured)! It includes a hilarious card + a Starbucks gift certificate for $25 that I will definitely use up really quickly + a big package containing this mini travel bag that I had Kelsey borrow a while ago (not pictured). This is […]

T Minus 15

So, my birthday is coming up on November 28th and I am turning 30 years old. Even though I have a trip to DisneyWorld (my favorite place on earth) planned for that week (which also happens to be Thanksgiving break), I didn’t think it would be very special. I WAS WRONG! I was surprised by […]

My frustration with GoDaddy.com Hosting

For about a month addymeira.net has been unreachable. I had not noticed this issue until I shared my address to an acquaintance and he informed that he could not access my website. Of course, I thought it was just an issue from his computer/connection and not my website’s. I have been running it on a […]

Oh! The Things That Make My Day (OTTTMMD) v.1

Everyone knows about the infamous duck or myspace face. This .gif beats them all! It made my day… Saw the video below and then created a post-it with the letter B and put behind a co-worker of mine’s chair. It made my day…  What made your day today? Let me know!

To Blog or To Blog…not even a question

How long has it been since I have posted something here? A while right? However it is not like I haven’t been thinking about bloggable subjects. Even this post has been drafted a while ago…i just have not posted it. Surprisingly, the though of blogging about a subject has been in my mind A LOT, […]

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A Weekend at the Lake

It all started last Thursday when my dear friend Wayne – a native from Trinidad– invited me over to feast on the amazing Caribbean that he prepared with his own hands and with a lot of love. A group of friends joined us to celebrate the Caribbean feast that included my favorite: curry chicken, an amazing eggplant dish, […]

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Have you ever Googled “GOOGLE?

Isn’t that an interesting question? Today, the election day, i was at work wondering around the web when I decided to Google some information about typography. Interestingly, the logo at the google site was dressed up for the ocasion: I wondered then how amazing would it be to work for a company like that. A […]

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Ok, I have been meaning to post this since thursday (when I hear about these news on Fox News, but I have been so EXTREMELY busy with school that I ONLY now could squeeze this time to talk about it. (P.S.: I’m sorry about the aggressiveness, but this issue really touched be and I AM […]

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