T Minus 13

The package dated November 10th is here and it is a puzzle to me. Funny, delicious, yet a puzzle. It is a can of condensed milk. Perhaps she sent me because it is a staple on Brazilian pantries everywhere. Perhaps it is because I like cooking desserts with it. Perhaps I should concoct a drink […]

T Minus 14

The second gift from my birthday gift package dated November 9th is here (pictured)! It includes a hilarious card + a Starbucks gift certificate for $25 that I will definitely use up really quickly + a big package containing this mini travel bag that I had Kelsey borrow a while ago (not pictured). This is […]

T Minus 15

So, my birthday is coming up on November 28th and I am turning 30 years old. Even though I have a trip to DisneyWorld (my favorite place on earth) planned for that week (which also happens to be Thanksgiving break), I didn’t think it would be very special. I WAS WRONG! I was surprised by […]

RIP Grandpa Larry

This past weekend was a bitter sweet one. Marc and I headed to Austin for Marc’s grandpa’s memorial ceremony. Grandpa Larry is one of the sweetest man I have even known and the words of love and appreciation for him that were shared by family and friends exemplified that he was a great man. I […]

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Fun at the Cowboys Game

The fact that I am obsessed with Groupon.com is not a secret to my close friends. I have purchased laser hair removals deals, massage deals, dinner deal, trip deals, birthday gift deals, and many other items through that service and I highly recommend it to anyone I know. This last week I bought a GREAT […]

“Ketchup is my greatest fear”

One of my favorite things to do is to go home from work or from coaching and lounge in the living room or bedroom with my boyfriend to watch our favorite shows. Wether is a Netflix series, or a Showtime, or an HBO show we just LOVE to stream in our shows and skip the […]

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My frustration with GoDaddy.com Hosting

For about a month addymeira.net has been unreachable. I had not noticed this issue until I shared my address to an acquaintance and he informed that he could not access my website. Of course, I thought it was just an issue from his computer/connection and not my website’s. I have been running it on a […]

2013 Fender Bender

This past Friday – May 17th, on my way to my Summer League practice, I was involved in a fender bender. It wasn’t my fault at all though! I simply stopped at a traffic light and BAM! I got hit from behind :/ The accident happened near the intersection between Blackburn/Haskell and N. Central Expressway (pictured). […]

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Oh! The Things That Make My Day (OTTTMMD) v.1

Everyone knows about the infamous duck or myspace face. This .gif beats them all! It made my day… Saw the video below and then created a post-it with the letter B and put behind a co-worker of mine’s chair. It made my day…  What made your day today? Let me know!

Amazing Mind Reader’s Scary “Gift”

For the past month or so a couple of friends of mine and I have been meeting for dinner and drinks on Wednesday nights. A couple of weeks ago, my friend C mentioned that, while in a recent trip to New York, she went to a psychic to get her fortune read. It was the […]

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