10 on Tuesday v.4

[1] Today I was perusing through my Facebook wall and saw some friends talking about incredibox.com. This website is awesome if you want to kill time. You add characters to a box and pick which melodies, effect, and beats that they will make and they start making sounds. The funniest things is that the creators […]

Random Thursday v.1

So, today I joined a new challenge/link up called Random Thursday. If you want to know more details about it or join it you can just click the big purple button above this paragraph. The gist of it is that the host ladies send out an email every week with a random topic and the […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 1]

[Day 1]: List 15 fun facts about yourself I love my friends and the people that I have had the privilege of meeting throughout my time at Baylor. Included in this distinguished group is my friend Sarah Lake (@lovelovelovesar). In her blog, she describes herself as: “Mid 20s 5th year PhD student in Behavioral Neuroscience at Baylor University (SIC’EM). Love […]

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