10 on Tuesday v.8

[1] I recently stumbled upon this video today and it is a little disturbing. It’s about eating fertilized eggs. I have a good apetite, but this…I pass. [2] I recently watched the movie Vanilla Sky and IT WAS AWESOME! How come nobody has told me about it before! I hope that death is like the […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 13]

 [Day 13]: What are your favorites? This should be an easy one, right? Listing my favorite things…However, and for some odd reason this felt like a nightmare for me. I will try my best to think of the major ones, but I might have to come back often to this list and tweak it: Favorite drink: […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 4]

[Day 4]: What’s your favorite childhood memory? Wow guys! Can’t believe this is really happening. It is the 4th of July (Happy Independence days to you Americans), a beautiful day outside, my boyfriend is ready to go to the pool and drink some brewskeys and I am here blogging. But here it is. My favorite childhood […]

A Weekend at the Lake

It all started last Thursday when my dear friend Wayne – a native from Trinidad– invited me over to feast on the amazing Caribbean that he prepared with his own hands and with a lot of love. A group of friends joined us to celebrate the Caribbean feast that included my favorite: curry chicken, an amazing eggplant dish, […]

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