My Grandfather

This is a message that my aunt shared on Facebook. It was so great that I decided to post here (in Portuguese). MEU PAI, UM HERÓI (1919-2010) Nascido em Lençoes Paulista, teve uma infância difícil, sendo o segundo filho de uma numerosa família. Desde muito cedo, se destacou por sua inteligência, apesar da dificuldade que […]

Random Thursday v.2

This Week’s Topic: Dream Vacation!! If I was given the opportunity to have an all expenses paid vacation, where would I go?! Who would I take with me?! What would I pack?! That’s an easy one: BORA BORA. There are many places that I would like to visit, and I even have my own Pinterest board […]

10 on Tuesday v.1

Thanks to my Dear Sarah I have learned about the wonders of linking up with other bloggers and sharing life and ramblings. Therefore, I have chosen to participate on 10 on Tuesdays hosted by Lin and Megan. [1] I absolutely love technology and the perks that come with it. My mom went to visit a good friend of […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 13]

 [Day 13]: What are your favorites? This should be an easy one, right? Listing my favorite things…However, and for some odd reason this felt like a nightmare for me. I will try my best to think of the major ones, but I might have to come back often to this list and tweak it: Favorite drink: […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 10]

[Day 10]: What is your most embarrassing moment? My most embarrassing moment happened in 7th grade. My parents allowed me to go on a school excursion out of town, but since the bus with all of the students going on the excursion was supposed to leave early in the morning from my school, my mom and […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 9]

[Day 9]: Tell us the best day of your life to date. I have to agree with my dear friend Sarah on this one and say that I cannot really think of one exact day in my life that has stand out more than the others. Yes, my 6th birthday party was a great event in […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 5]

[Day 5]: If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be? So, according to my friend Sarah, the lovely creator of this challenge “this question could be interpreted in a few ways: currently living people, deceased people, fictional characters, celebrities, cartoons, and so forth.” I have lived in the US since 2003, […]

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