The Latest “Thangs” – 7.15.10

EDC5370: I am so excited to write this blog post not because I have so many fun things to tell, but also because I am composing this message sitting one a VERY comfy chair at Panera Bread with my dear EDC5370. We are wrapping up our second week of classes, and we decided to bring […]

EDC5370 – Day 4

Hello Peeps, here is a copy of the powerpoint presentation that was used in class today. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about today’s class please tweet them, or blog about them. Here is a wordle comparison between Engelbart’s Augmenting Human Intellect and Licklider’s Man-Computer Symbiosis:

EDC5370 – Day 3

Hello All, I hope that you enjoyed today’s class and today’s readings. If you want to check the presentation file out you can just check it out here 🙂 Once again, the presentation was created with google docs, and it allows for easy sharing and easy exporting/embedding into other sources. Don’t forget to let me […]

EDC5370 Day 1

Hello EDC5370 students (and my blog followers, which are not many…if any at all…lol). I can say that today was a very successful day where we got to know each other, got to understand what the course is all about, got to play with some new gadgets and got to watch my amazing prezi presentation. […]

Addy vs. Video Editing Software

In the face of one of my most recent projects I have battled one of my most feared opponents. This opponent was one that I knew I had to face one day, but I wasn’t expecting that it would be so challenging and so stressful. My opponent, Video Editing Software, came right after my super […]

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Behavior FIXED!!!

Yeah, for those that are coming to my blog to check the little video clip out: YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT! hahah. For those that are interested on checking out Addy Elementary’s WebSite you can CLICK HERE to go there (01/27/10 Update: Site has been removed and the address is being used for other […]

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Tables vs CSS

Today I had a really interesting conversation with my former WebDesign teacher (Virginia Green). Whenever I took her class, one of the things that was emphasized the most was that we should use tables to organize our content. It turns out that, after reading a lot on the subject, she found out that the main […]

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