My first conference as Dr. Addy

This Friday I attended the Texas Social Media Conference hosted by Tarleton University and I had my first name tag with the name “Dr.” Addy Meira (thanks to the wonderful enabling Dr. Eddy Lynton and my boss Dr. Nakia Pope). I am not going to lie…it felt good!

Presentation at NAGPS National Conference

I Recently found the powerpoint file of a presentation I made at the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students. Here it is:

10 on Tuesday v.12

[1] Oh-Em-Gee!!! Today was a big Apple daaaay!! New announcements for the iPad mini, new 13″ MacBook Pros and mega thin design for the iMac made the nerd in me jump up-and-down!! I just need $$ to get ALL OF IT!!! I WANT THEM AAAAALLLL!! [2] Last weekend we had the last tournament for the Fall series […]

10 on Tuesday v.9

[1] I love the Texas Rangers Baseball Team. I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and we don’t have baseball there AT ALL, but since I have started dating my bf who is VERY MUCH into baseball and the Rangers I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE TEAM! Last week, my bf and I went to […]

2011 ATE Conference – Orlando

Last week I attended the 2011 Winter Annual Meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) in Orlando, FL. The meeting was held in Orlando, FL at the Caribe Royale Hotel. According to its website the ATE: “was founded in 1920 and is the only national, individual membership organization devoted solely to the improvement of teacher education […]

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NMC Summer Pre Conference Workshops

It was a beautiful day in Anaheim, CA. Even though I decided to commute and had to drive about 45 minutes to get to the Disneyland resort – where the conference is being held – the drive was great and being able to see the amazing CA scenery was priceless. I was looking forward to […]

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