File sharing with Minbox

Today, a new FREE app called Minbox was launched. It is a very fast way for mac users to share files from their desktop. The product is pretty awesome. I have already downloaded, installed it, and already took it for a test drive and I am already hooked. Maybe the best thing about it was […]

10 on Tuesday v.9

[1] I love the Texas Rangers Baseball Team. I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and we don’t have baseball there AT ALL, but since I have started dating my bf who is VERY MUCH into baseball and the Rangers I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE TEAM! Last week, my bf and I went to […]

10 on Tuesday v.4

[1] Today I was perusing through my Facebook wall and saw some friends talking about This website is awesome if you want to kill time. You add characters to a box and pick which melodies, effect, and beats that they will make and they start making sounds. The funniest things is that the creators […]

10 on Tuesday v.2

[1] I absolutely love this musician called Anders Trentemoller. He is a Danish electronic music musician that creates these minimal, progressive house type of sounds. I have bought his album and I could listen to it over and over and not get tired of it. Below┬áis one of my favorite songs by him called Miss […]

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