15 Day Challenge [Day 5]

[Day 5]: If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be? So, according to my friend Sarah, the lovely creator of this challenge “this question could be interpreted in a few ways: currently living people, deceased people, fictional characters, celebrities, cartoons, and so forth.” I have lived in the US since 2003, […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 4]

[Day 4]: What’s your favorite childhood memory? Wow guys! Can’t believe this is really happening. It is the 4th of July (Happy Independence days to you Americans), a beautiful day outside, my boyfriend is ready to go to the pool and drink some brewskeys and I am here blogging. But here it is. My favorite childhood […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 3]

[Day 3]: Tell us about an article of clothing you’re attached to. Golly, that is a really hard one. I have recently moved to Dallas from Waco and right before moving I took a good look at my closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff that I didn’t wear anymore. Even though I […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 2]

[Day 2]: Write a [few] six word memoir[s] The challenge of today is to write a few six word memoir. According to Sarah‘s friend Collette: “Six word memoirs are exactly how it sounds: your life in six words. The history behind it is that Ernest Hemingway was asked to write a complete short story in as few […]

15 Day Challenge [Day 1]

[Day 1]: List 15 fun facts about yourself I love my friends and the people that I have had the privilege of meeting throughout my time at Baylor. Included in this distinguished group is my friend Sarah Lake (@lovelovelovesar). In her blog, she describes herself as: “Mid 20s 5th year PhD student in Behavioral Neuroscience at Baylor University (SIC’EM). Love […]

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