Course Trailer Project

Project Description: Baylor University’s Academy for Teaching and Learning was introduced to the concept of the use of course trailers by Addy Meira, an ATL graduate fellow, who observed a project at the New Media Consortium conference in 2010. Universities like Harvard began utilizing trailers as a more creative and engaging way to advertise classes to potential and current students. Meira and ATL Graduate Fellow Patrick Shen developed their own version of the course trailer for a class on C. S. Lewis, combining nature pieces, soundbits, interviews with Baylor professor Trent Doughtery, and clips from the movie Shadowlands (a biopic of C.S. Lewis’s later life). The resulting trailer created a world that engaged and invited students into the concept of the class rather than asking them to passively read a course description.

The trailer was premiered at Baylor University’s Annual Educational Technology Showcase on March 31, 2011. Its reception was enthusiastic, and participants and visitors selected the poster presentation of this project as the best poster display (and the award was a Kindle!). Based on this success, the ATL hopes to extend the scope of the project throughout Baylor and into the Waco community to demonstrate to current and potential students the educational opportunities that exist outside of their chosen fields.

The poster presentation at Baylor’s Annual Educational Technology Showcase:

Here is another course trailer I helped create for the Medical Humanities department at Baylor University:


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