Lich Me

This is a painting that I did in an Oil Painting class with Professor and Artist Karl Umlauf. It was based on the painting Whaam by Roy Lichtenstein and it is supposed to symbolize two people “colliding”  into each other/falling in love. The name Lich is a play on Lichtenstein and licking/kissing.

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This is the example of the back of one of the player cards that I have created for Madfrog sports. The front of the cards included the Madfrog logo as well and the name, team name, and schedule of the team. The back had the player bios and contact information.

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This is the design I created for the Graduate Student Association shirt. The design was inspired by the World Cup and the chanting of USA fans (U! S! A!). You can also see some vuvuzelas in the hands of some graduate students. Since the 2010 I have been serving as the President of the Baylor University Graduate […]

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This is a business card I created for CBR Fabricators, a company in FL. They wanted me to create a clean and modern card that showcased all that the company had to offer. I have also designed an ad for them that was displayed in magazines in the south Florida area.

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This is a big acrylic on wood painting that I did for a friend of mine. She wanted to give her boyfriend (now husband) a gift and asked me to paint a scene from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. I painted it with acrylic paint on a massive sheet of ply wood.

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