T Minus 11

This one is HILLARIOUS! So, a few years ago I went to this club…don’t remember the name of the club tho, and the DJ gave me a mixed CD. I made a copy of that CD and gave it to Kelsey. Every time we traveled for coaching we would put the CD on and dance/sing […]

T minus 12

So excited about this one! So, when Kelsey and I coached together (she was my assistant coach for a team in Waco years ago), we would go out of town for tournaments. Our team was decent, but often we didn’t do so well and Kelsey and I would get very frustrated. So, we would go […]

T Minus 13

The package dated November 10th is here and it is a puzzle to me. Funny, delicious, yet a puzzle. It is a can of condensed milk. Perhaps she sent me because it is a staple on Brazilian pantries everywhere. Perhaps it is because I like cooking desserts with it. Perhaps I should concoct a drink […]

T Minus 14

The second gift from my birthday gift package dated November 9th is here (pictured)! It includes a hilarious card + a Starbucks gift certificate for $25 that I will definitely use up really quickly + a big package containing this mini travel bag that I had Kelsey borrow a while ago (not pictured). This is […]

T Minus 15

So, my birthday is coming up on November 28th and I am turning 30 years old. Even though I have a trip to DisneyWorld (my favorite place on earth) planned for that week (which also happens to be Thanksgiving break), I didn’t think it would be very special. I WAS WRONG! I was surprised by […]

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