My graduation

After a long journey that started in the Fall of 2008 (and that has taken me through many ups and downs) I have finally graduated! Thus, a post is in order. I officially defended and passed my dissertation defense on November 3rd, 2014 and walked on December 20th. Here you can find a graphic representation […]

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I am very thankful to the wonderful messages of support that I got through Facebook, Twitter, and face-to-face from my friends regarding earning my doctorate degree. Here is an adorable card and gift that I got from my sweet Dasha, her hubby Tom, and her Madre:

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My first conference as Dr. Addy

This Friday I attended the Texas Social Media Conference hosted by Tarleton University and I┬áhad my first name tag with the name “Dr.” Addy Meira (thanks to the wonderful enabling Dr. Eddy Lynton and my boss Dr. Nakia Pope). I am not going to lie…it felt good!

I’m a Dr. now

This past Monday, November 3rd I successfully defended my dissertation in Waco, TX. My wonderful mentors and committee members gave me great insights and suggestions and I look forward to sharing a summary of my findings with you. Please click here to view my dissertation’s findings. The robing ceremony will be on December 20th, 2014 […]

Happy Halloween!

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The best co-workers EVER!

I have THE BEST co-workers ever! I just got a dissertation defense care package with mints (to avoid the bad breaff when I am talking to my committee), dove chocolate (MY FAV!) and starbucks gift certificates (so I am appropriately hyped up). I love these girls! Thank you Lisa Hammonds and Pressly Smith! You are […]

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My dissertation. It is done. But is it?

So, I have finished my dissertation and my dissertation has been scheduled for November 3rd, 2014 (wish me luck!). In order for my friends to see my dissertation progress I created a dissertation progress page in this website and the only thing left is the defense. Wish me luck. If you are interested in seeing […]

My wedding website

My wedding website is done and I will be adding relevant information about my wedding there. I will also be blogging about the wedding planning and festivities. To check it out go to


So…After 3 and a half years of dating and almost 2 years of living together Marc finally proposed (but who is counting?!). The thing is…I TOTALLY KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN and it wasn’t because anybody told me, but because Marc really gave it away that week. However, I thought it would go down in a […]

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My birthday was “UNFORGETTABLE.” I mean it! lol For my birthday and thanksgiving Marc and I planned a trip to Florida where, for the first leg of the trip I would spend some time with my mama in Coconut Creek and later I would meet Marc and some friends in Orlando to visit the parks. […]

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