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A picture of me when I was at Baylor

My name is Dr. Adeline “Addy” Meira Tolliver and I am an Instructional Designer at Southern Methodist University‘s Center for Teaching Excellence. Additionally, I am a Clinical Adjunct Professor at the Education Policy and Leadership Department.

Prior to joining SMU (#PonyUp), I was an Instructional Technologist at Texas Wesleyan University‘s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (I designed the website and badges. You should check them out!) where I was also an Adjunct Instructor.

I earned my Doctor of Education degree and majored in Curriculum and Instruction (with a focus in Instructional Technology) at the Baylor University School of Education. While at Baylor, I worked at the Online Teaching and Learning Services department, the Baylor Digital Media Studio, the School of Education Media Center, was a Graduate Fellow at the Academy for Teaching and Learning, as well as the Instructor for TED 3380 (Social Issues in Education), TED 1112 (Technology) lab, and the graduate level EDC5370 (Technology Fundamentals).

I am a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and at Baylor I served as president of the Brazilian Student Association (BRASA), president of the Baylor University Graduate Student Association, as a representative at the Baylor University Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee and the New Media Consortium‘s Campus Leaders Advisory Board (C-LAB).

My undergraduate degree is in Fine Arts – Graphic Design, my Masters degree is in Science of Education with a focus on Sport Pedagogy and Coaching, and I have completed all my degrees at Baylor University (#Sic’Em).

My interests are: Teaching, Technology, Faculty Development, Educational technology, Graphic Design/Art, Photography, Social Media, Marketing, Typography, Social Issues in Education, Volleyball, Electronic Music, my pets (Gato, Chat, and Ranger) and my hubby Marc Tolliver.

Oh, and a HUGE part of my life was dedicated to volleyball. I played in Brazil for many years and I was recruited to play for Baylor University from 2003-2006. Nowadays, I play some tournaments here and there, and I love coaching young girls how to play this wonderful game. I have coached for Waco Juniors Volleyball Club, Baylor Volleyball Camps, and MadFrog Volleyball.

In addition to all of that, I have created numerous print materials, logos, art pieces and work as a freelance designer/photographer here and there.

Click HERE to download my Curriculum Vitae. Click HERE to download my graphic design resume.


About This Website

In this website I showcase my graphic design and fine arts portfolios, some of my educational technology presentations/publications, share my thoughts about my life as well as some volleyball stuff. I will also be sharing pictures that I have taken professionally and on-the-go, as well as brag about my wonderful pets and I hope you like it and comment on my stuff. Also, some of my art might be for sale and for inquiries about custom art works or graphic designs contact me here.

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