So…After 3 and a half years of dating and almost 2 years of living together Marc finally proposed (but who is counting?!). The thing is…I TOTALLY KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN and it wasn’t because anybody told me, but because Marc really gave it away that week. However, I thought it would go down in a different way than it did. We had reservations to V-Day’s dinner at Truluck’s and my biggest nightmare was that he would do the cheesy/cliche/ “will you marry me” written in the dessert dinner plate/get down on one knee in the middle of everyone else’s Vday’s dinner type of proposal. THANK GOD it wasn’t like that!

photoI got home from work after a 1:30hr commute in heavy traffic and when I got home Marc had flowers waiting for me and a delicious bottle of wine. In addition, he had a hand-made card that said “Middles, will you be my seeing-eye kitty? Love, Biggies” (pictured) which related to an article I had seen/sent to him earlier that day about a lady and a seeing eye cat (read it here). Our dinner reservations were at 10pm, and he knew I’d be hungry, so he offered me a slice of Cane Rosso pizza (one of my faves) for a snack. While I was eating my pizza and drinking the wine Gato joined us he proceeded to blabber about us and how he knew that we have been talking about buying a house together, but there were still some other milestones for us to hit…and that he knew he always talked about us being together in the future…yada yada yada…then he got down on his knees and said “Adeline Torres Meira (in his gringo accent) will you marry me?” then he pulled out the little box and I replied “Of course, your silly Goose!” and that was it! We got engaged!

Later, we went to dinner and we both had a WONDERFUL meal. We asked our waiter to take a picture and here it is:



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