My birthday was “UNFORGETTABLE.” I mean it! lol For my birthday and thanksgiving Marc and I planned a trip to Florida where, for the first leg of the trip I would spend some time with my mama in Coconut Creek and later I would meet Marc and some friends in Orlando to visit the parks. I arrived on Sunday night and had a great time with my family. I found out that my aunt and cousins had gotten in a car accident, but at that time my family was doing fairly well recovering from it.

On Wednesday, our guests arrived from Brazil: Benilde (one of my mom’s best friends), Mariane (Be’s niece), and Anderson (Mariane’s husband). We drove to Orlando and upon arriving there I went straight to the airport to pick Marc up. Once I had Marc in tow, we headed to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort where Marc’s amazing mom had reserved us an awesome 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo (pictured).

Because we only had half of the day left we decided that it wasn’t worth it for us to buy park tickets. Instead, we got tickets to Cirque de Soleil’s La Nuba and also got dinner reservations at Pleasure Island‘s Splitsville Lanes. The show at La Nuba was AMAZING! and at the end of it, my mom turned to me and said: “you know Addy, this show was great and this 30th birthday is going to be unforgettable.” Then, when she didn’t think I had paid attention to what she had just said, she turned to me and said AGAIN: “you know Addy, this show was great and this 30th birthday is going to be unforgettable.” Three seconds later, she turns to Be, Mari, and Anderson and says that to them…and after that the phrase “this birthday is unforgettable” caught on and for everything else that happened in the trip we used that expression.

La Nouba

Day 2 was a Disney day. Marc, myself, and my mom decided to do Magic Kingdom in the morning, Epcot in the afternoon, and Hollywood Studios at night (pictures). It was a tiring day, but the whole gang had a blast and my mom even join us on a “drinking around the world” adventure at Epcot (her favorite was Canada’s La Fin du Monde beer). Be, and our other guests decided to take the day off for shopping while we enjoyed the parks.

Day 3 was the first day at Universal Studios. Since I am a big thrill ride lover we decided to start with Island of Adventure. The park was not too full and we were able to enjoy all rides with no a lot of lines. By mid-day we decided to head to the Universal Studios area to enjoy the other rides and we LOVED IT! Our favorites were the Simpsons ride and the Despicable me. At night, we stayed for the water/light show celebrating 100 years of Universal Studios and it was BEAUTIFUL. At one point I even had a tear in my eye (unforgettable! lol).

On the last day we hit up Universal Studios again, we went on the rides we didn’t have a chance to go the day before (like the MIB one), but once we were done with them we decided to get back to Island of Adventure for a last hooray at the roller coasters. Because it was Sunday, a lot of the park guests had already left so we were able to ride most of the roller coasters twice and that was awesome! We flew back to Dallas that night, but I already miss my mom, Be, and look forward to an unforgettable year ahead.


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