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If you have been following some of my blog posts you may have noticed that I have stopped blogging about my wonderful 1-gift-per-day deal. It turns out that my wonderful Babooshka Jo (one of my BFFs) took a little longer to send the package, but I got it and I will resume showing you how awesome my friends are. To start, this is the letter that I got when I opened the box:


After reading the wonderful letter I started opening my awesome gifts and the first one is in this post, the other ones will follow on other posts:


Now, here is the backstory on the Babooshka thing: A few years ago Jo, her parents, and I did a Christmas trip to Catalina Island (pictures will be posted on my website soon). It turns out that while Catalina is very beautiful in the winter time it is also VERY cold. To avoid the cold winds on our ears we started wearing our scarves around our heads/ears/faces and we looked like old ladies/babooshkas…From then on Jo is my Babooshka and I am hers, however now I have a mug with it written on it! I LOVE IT!



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