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The picture of the package and its contents.

So, my birthday is coming up on November 28th and I am turning 30 years old. Even though I have a trip to DisneyWorld (my favorite place on earth) planned for that week (which also happens to be Thanksgiving break), I didn’t think it would be very special. I WAS WRONG! I was surprised by a package from my dear friend Kelsey which contained one gift per day until my birthday. I will blog about the gifts each day in this series called “The Road 2 the Big 3.0” and this post is the first of them.

I got the package (pictured) and the first thing I got was a a card with the following instructions: “Addy: Open this when you receive the package. Don’t open any of the gift until the date posted on each one. Love you!” (pictured).

A few weeks ago, Kelsey had contacted me about coming to Dallas for work. I was VERY EXCITED to see her and made sure my schedule was open to hangout with her. The very first gift however, dated November 8th (pictured) had two tickets to see Flux Pavilion in Dallas. She knows me so well! I initially thought that it was for the both of us, but she informed me that she wanted to make sure I was free that night, but that she was not coming to Dallas (bummer!). On November 14th I will be going to see Flux Pavilion!!! whoo-hoo!!! THANKS Kels!

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