Fun at the Cowboys Game

The ticketThe fact that I am obsessed with is not a secret to my close friends. I have purchased laser hair removals deals, massage deals, dinner deal, trip deals, birthday gift deals, and many other items through that service and I highly recommend it to anyone I know. This last week I bought a GREAT one! Two tickets for the Cowboys vs. Bengals pre-season game at AT&T/Cowboys Stadium. For those who are not familiar with football game prices you should know that the cheapest ticket price for a regular season game is about $100 aaaaaaaaaaall the way on the veeeeeeeeeery top sections of the stadium (which is VERY massive). Since this was not my first time at that venue (I went to a U2 concert there as soon as it opened a few years ago) I knew that seating on the very top sections is not the best way to enjoy any event there.

Marc and I at the game.

Marc and I at the game.

However, the groupon offer was for 2 tickets on sections 100 and change or 200 and change for only $150 bucks. I BOUGHT THEM…of course! The tickets were emailed to me the next day and on the day of the game we just had to go straight to the entrance. As you can see on the picture of the ticket embedded into this post, the original value of that ticket was $94 so I definitely got a good deal. We ended up seating in section 224, right by the end zone!!!  I was amazed, however, at the price of things in and outside the stadium. Parking, for instance, was $60 at the RANGERS parking lot!! SIXTY BUCKS!! To park about a mile away from the stadium!!! The beers were about 9 bucks a pop, hot dogs were an arm and a leg lol…The game was fun tho. Here is a vine I made there. We ended up winning 24×18 and because the Cowboys scored more than 20 points we ended up ordering a 50% off pizza from Papa Johns on Sunday (to make up for parking?!). Below you can see a 360 recording I did of the view from our seats:


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