Dissertation Progress

Below you will find progress bars for the different sections of my dissertation. As of 2013 I decided to switch the topic of my dissertation completely and that is why I had to start again from scratch. The dissertation writing process has proven to be a real “biatch” to me, therefore encouragement words are always […]

Fun at the Cowboys Game

The fact that I am obsessed with Groupon.com is not a secret to my close friends. I have purchased laser hair removals deals, massage deals, dinner deal, trip deals, birthday gift deals, and many other items through that service and I highly recommend it to anyone I know. This last week I bought a GREAT […]

Why I love coaching volleyball

This is a Facebook post from a former player of mine. I absolutely loved coaching her (and with my dear friend Kelsey as my assistant coach). So many great memories! I loved coaching my Purple Onions! Of the gold medals and huge awards I was given in my years of volleyball, my favorite one will […]

“Ketchup is my greatest fear”

One of my favorite things to do is to go home from work or from coaching and lounge in the living room or bedroom with my boyfriend to watch our favorite shows. Wether is a Netflix series, or a Showtime, or an HBO show we just LOVE to stream in our shows and skip the […]

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