My frustration with Hosting

My current nightmare.

For about a month has been unreachable. I had not noticed this issue until I shared my address to an acquaintance and he informed that he could not access my website. Of course, I thought it was just an issue from his computer/connection and not my website’s. I have been running it on a WordPress platform for many reasons, yet the main one was that I did not want to have the same issues of sporadic accessibility that find with some simple html and flash sites. Turns out that the problem was not really related to WordPress, but apparently it had to do with my hosting with

For about a month I have been trying to solve this problem with calls to‘s costumer service that usually last for about a couple of hours and result on a “you have to wait 72 hours until you are able to see any results” and at the end of those 72 hours nothing happens. Frustrating, hum? And now, about a month into these shenanigans and after 2:30 hrs on the phone with costumer service on another call, which I thought it would be my final one, I still see issues on my page with a 500 internal server error…AGAIN! and AGAIN! ugh!

I posted this with the hope that my stuff can be seen by anyone in the world. Apparently, because of the cached copies of my site created on my work and personal computers (and iPad, and iPhone) I can open it normally, but from other computers that does not happen AT ALL. If you DO see this post, PLEASE let me know in the comment section or by mentioning me on twitter (@addymeira) because when I go into my google analytics it seems like the views from my computer have been counted :/

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4 Responses to “My frustration with Hosting”
  1. Chris says:

    I was able to read this post. The page took a while to load, though.

  2. Sar says:

    Hey love! It took a while for me to load too, but I can see it now! Just FYI.

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