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YPDF Final Remarks

It has been an amazing year with MadFrog 12 E Addy aka YPDF (Yellow Poison Dart Frogs). The whole year we kept ourselves ranked in the top 10 for the North Texas Region (final rankings can be seen below – Fig.1) and were 1 match away from qualifying to a National bid. Overall, the season […]

2013 Fender Bender

This past Friday – May 17th, on my way to my Summer League practice, I was involved in a fender bender. It wasn’t my fault at all though! I simply stopped at a traffic light and BAM! I got hit from behind :/ The accident happened near the intersection between Blackburn/Haskell and N. Central Expressway (pictured). […]

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File sharing with Minbox

Today, a new FREE app called Minbox was launched. It is a very fast way for mac users to share files from their desktop. The product is pretty awesome. I have already downloaded, installed it, and already took it for a test drive and I am already hooked. Maybe the best thing about it was […]

Summer League 2013 v.1

This weekend we had our first tournament in the MadFrog Summer League. My team is called “PUMAS” and we already started the series in a great note! In our pool – of 3 teams – we finished in 1st place. For the match up match we ended up losing, but the girls showed that they […]

2012-2013 MadFrog 12E Addy Results/Rankings

Below you can find the latest results/rankings for the 12-13 MadFrog 12E Addy team. For the latest update click here.

NTR Tournament This Weekend

This weekend we will play for a final chance for a bid to Nationals at the North Texas Region Tournament at the Texas Assault Facility. We are ranked 5th in the tournament.  On Saturday, we play at 8:00am.  Arrival time is 7:15am.  We play on court 5 at Texas Assault, 12750 Perimeter Rd, Dallas (Garland area).  Below you […]

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