Amazing Mind Reader’s Scary “Gift”

For the past month or so a couple of friends of mine and I have been meeting for dinner and drinks on Wednesday nights. A couple of weeks ago, my friend C mentioned that, while in a recent trip to New York, she went to a psychic to get her fortune read. It was the first time that she did that, but she was excited to hear about her past and most importantly her future. For her surprise and disappointment, instead of hearing positive things about how she was going to be happy and healthy (what people hope and expect from a psychic reading) she heard that she was going to live a long life, but that she was never going to have a very lasting relationship. The psychic said that she would have a string of relationships where some would last for a few years, others for a few months, but that overall that she would be alone. When we met for dinner and drinks C was not feeling to chipper about the psychic’s “prognosis.”

A week later we met again and, to our surprise, C mentioned that she had gone to yet another psychic. The new one while very pricey ($100/hr) said that some DEAD ON remarks about her life and recent relationships down to length of relationships and even name’s initials. However, for her repeated disappointment, he ALSO emphasized that she would fail in the relationship department.

Today, I stumbled upon the video embedded in this post and thought of C [now would be a good time to click play] and wondered: how much of her information did C provide before her session? Did C give them her name and last name? How much of C’s personal information is available online for anyone to see? Did those mind readers/psychics use information that they found about C online (and charged her an astounding $100/hr for repeating it back to her)? More importantly, I thought about our students of today. In a world where we willingly put our information in social networks, financial websites, and that schools/university’s fail to prepare individuals to deal with their digital dossier in a responsible way how will that information be used? In the case of this video, it was used as a joke and as a warning. However, people still continue to increasingly and deliberately add their information to “the cloud” without knowing what is going to happen from it. My hope is that schools and universities react to this situation and offer digital literacy and digital citizenship courses so that future citizens do not fall pray to predators of their personal information and identity and that they don’t regret putting out information that may hurt them in their futures.


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