Oh! The Things That Make My Day (OTTTMMD) v.1

Everyone knows about the infamous duck or myspace face. This .gif beats them all! It made my day… Saw the video below and then created a post-it with the letter B and put behind a co-worker of mine’s chair. It made my day…  What made your day today? Let me know!

Amazing Mind Reader’s Scary “Gift”

For the past month or so a couple of friends of mine and I have been meeting for dinner and drinks on Wednesday nights. A couple of weeks ago, my friend C mentioned that, while in a recent trip to New York, she went to a psychic to get her fortune read. It was the […]

I miss my hometown!

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and because of my being in graduate school for the past few years (and getting paid as a graduate student) going back to my hometown has not been a priority. In fact, the last time I went back “home” was in 2008 and I was there only for about […]

Good Reads | The Demon Under the Microscope (Audiobook)

This week I finished reading Thomas Hager’s The Demon Under the Microscope. Since I have a pretty decent home-to-work commute, I have been entranced by the culture of audiobooks. Because of my enthusiastic description of enjoyment in listening to Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and  Victor Hugo’s FIFTY-SEVEN! hour audiobook reading of Les Miserable, my […]

Presentation at NAGPS National Conference

I Recently found the powerpoint file of a presentation I made at the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students. Here it is:

This Weekend I… v.1

This weekend I coached my awesome volleyball team at the Nfinity Ranking Tournament. The tournament was held at the Tejas Volleyball facility in N. Richland Hills and HERE are the results of our first day (pool play – we were 1st on Pool 6) and HERE are the results from the second day (playoffs – […]

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