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Yesterday, November 28th 2012, was the day I completed 29 years of life. While I don’t mind being the center of attention during regular gatherings and soirees, I am not much of the “today is MY day” type of girl on my birthdays. As a matter of fact, I always feel that I will be ignored by everyone and nobody will care to say anything to me. This type of behavior is somewhat unnatural for me since I always had great birthdays growing up. Even though my mom and I were never really too comfortable on the money front, she always made sure to invite people over for food, cake, music and celebration for my birthdays. So where did this new “nobody cares about me” start? Well, I think I know when: the first birthday after I came to the US. November 28th in Brazil is a great time of year: end of Spring, beginning of Summer time…no holidays…PERFECT time for a birthday celebration. In America, no so much! In America November 28th is the end of Fall, beginning of Winter…right around Thanksgiving time…HORRIBLE timing.

My first bday in the US and relatively all the subsequent birthdays have been pretty uneventful and boring because not a lot of people seem to be around. My 20th birthday – my first birthday in the US – nobody was in town because it was the day right after Thanksgiving. I think I videoconferenced with my mom and that was it! My 21st bday – not special at all…I remember that it was a day when Jessica Simpson was in Waco and everybody was just excited about going to downtown Waco to try to see her…no big bday celebration for me…even though it was my 21st bday. My 22nd bday…THAT was a good one! I decided to throw a big “Pimps and Hoes” party at my friend Ted Tanner’s house (he was so nice to let me “borrow” the house). ALL student athletes went there…lots of booze and people dressed up/down 🙂 At that time however, Facebook was juuuust starting up and all the pictures that people took at the party ended up online. Imagine that?! lol ALL coaches FREAKED OUT! All student-athletes dressed up as “pimps and hoes” drinking and dancing at a party AND the proof/pictures online of all of that! lol Fun times! All pictures had to come down. From then on, my birthdays have been pretty much just a stay home or maaaaaybe go out to dinner with a few friends type of celebrations.

Yesterday was a good one though. It started off with my wonderful boyfriend giving me a beautiful Coach purse. To tell you the truth, the gift I cared the most for was the card that came with the purse. It really made me feel very warm and happy on the inside 🙂 For the birthDAY itself I had to leave town to go to work in Waco, but throughout the day I got SO MANY messages via txt, calls, Facebook, twitter that I never felt awesomer (I know that is not a word lol). Co-workers not only wished me a Happy Bday, but also took me out to for coffee at the Baylor Starbucks…On Facebook alone I had more than 150 people wishing me a Happy Birthday and WHAT A GREAT THING THAT IS! Even if it is for a small moment all those people took their time to send me a message! It MEANT SO MUCH to me! I did my best to reply to EVERY ONE of them, and not just by clicking “like” or sending a mass message like “thank you for the birthday wishes.” I AM TRULY very thankful for those messages! Thankful that even for a second those people not only thought of me, but thought I was worth a little digital birthday message. In addition, I got calls from family, friends, tweets from people near and far away, and Facetimed with my Babooshka and her wonderful family (thats how I call one of my besties).

Finally, I had a wonderful time in Waco because I have wonderful friends in Waco! So wonderful and welcoming that they even allow me to stay at their place every Wednesday when I have to work on campus. Matthew and Kristen, the Bates’, not only allow me to stay at their new adorable home, but they also took me to Chuy’s for dinner so I could devour my favorite desert – Chuy’s Tres Leches. YUM! After dinner, we headed back to their place and I found that a mega sweet gift was waiting for me: a box of Godiva chocolates from my dear friend Kelsey. I felt SO LOVED. I felt SO SPECIAL. I felt SO BLESSED for having ALL of these people in my life! THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY GUYS!


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3 Responses to “Addy Version 2.9”
  1. Alison says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a little late…)!!!! So sorry I missed telling you at work! Glad you had a great day!

  2. Natália says:

    Hello addy!! I remember when I was 4 years old I went to zoo in São paulo do you remember? Well, I remember my 1st birthday when I was lived in Moema,São paulo-Brazil. In that time I would in your home when you lived in Saúde,são paulo-Brazil. I saw you playing volleyball and I talked to you I MISS FROM MY CHILHOOD=)
    We were going to the gugu´s park do you remember? The park doesn´t exist more. In December 28th you did 29 years of life??O: The times fly!!! Ok BE HAPPY and enjoy your life, but in 2013 you´ll in turning 30 years old and in January of 2013 you make 10 years that you lived in USA. Today I´m 17 years old and the next YEAR ADDY!! I will completly 18 years of life.
    Have a nice weekend
    Your cousin
    Natália Moreira

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