10 on Tuesday v.13

[1] Today I am feeling sick. I don’t know if it is just a cold or the flu, but I have the sniffles, headache, body aches and I feel very tired. At least I am here blogging…I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks because I have been busy, but I got by bootay out of the couch to say hi to you all 🙂 HI!

[2] Last week I got interviewed for this job that I am REALLY interested in. I am waiting on their final decision, but if I do get the job I will be doing something I am very qualified to do and I have already had experience doing for the past 3-5 years. Pray for me and I will keep you updated.

[3] This week I look forward to reconnecting to one of my former classmates. She is a sweetheart and in class we always got along great. She also lives in Dallas now and we will do some happy houring next Thursday. She is an amazing graphic designer, painter, and you should check her website out: http://www.bkpaintings.com. We worked on this class project where I was supposed to create a music CD and pretend that she was the musician. I got to get to know her and create the cover based on her stories and the lyrics of songs she liked. Here it is:

[4] I recently watched the movie “Flight” with Denzel Washington and it was nothing like I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong…it was GREAT! Well done, very well acted, but it was kinda sad and had a twist that I thought it was interesting. Disclaimer – there is a long nude scene at the beginning that even I felt uncomfortable watching…lol I could see the girl’s female parts #gross #TMI. I won’t spoil it anymore, but of you go watch it let me know what you think!

[5] I was watching “How I Met Your Mother” today and there was the cutest scene. Ted, the main character, is interested in his doctor. However, she cannot date him because she cannot date her patients. However, when he is done with his tattoo removing sessions and he is no longer her patient he asks her out and she says she has a daughter and doesn’t have time to date and that the only time she has are the 2 minutes for lunch. She never really says no, but he leaves. Later, this happens:

[6] I have been living in my apartment since May, but I have been a little tight with money and have not been able to fully decorate it to the fullest potential. However, I got a little cash influx this month and I decided to splurge on a little project. It is not finished yet, but here is the before (sorry…I photoshopped the before since I forgot to take a true before picture, but you get the idea) and the after…so far:

[7] As you can see, some of the picture frames have not been filled out yet, and I still want to add some more trinkets to decorate the shelves (from IKEA btw). The artwork that is on the frame on the top right is a collection of things about myself and the BF and things that have connected us:


[8] New show I am hooked in: “Sons of Anarchy.” I LOVE IT! You should watch it! It’s on Netflix!

[9] The other day I made Shepard’s Pie for dinner, but my bf does not like left overs so he ate only a bite and I ate the rest = I have gained weight. 😛

How could he resist THIS?! I couldn’t #fatty

[10] Now I am decorating, cooking…hopefully a new job…I am finally growing up and I am loving it! I hope you have a great week 🙂

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