Thursday Thoughts v.1


I have the best “mother and father of boyfriend” in the world (we are not married yet, so they are not my in-LAWs yet). Not only they make me feel like a part of the family every time I see them, but Mama Tolliver knows that my favorite Starbucks coffee is the Vanilla Latte (and she just gets them for me at random) AND she just gave me a wonderful 9 piece Pyrex set WITH COVERS. I LOVE THEM!

Yup! I got a set of those 🙂


After the presidential debate I wondered how awesome it would be to have a word cloud of the transcripts of each of the candidates. HERE they are.


That Spike TV show Inkmasters creeps me out. A reality show competition where the competitors are tattoo artists and they have challenges where they tattoo REAL PEOPLE…NUH-HUM! Too much risk of permanent body damage from one of them sucking real bad…NUH-HUM!


I am super excited about #Halloweenswap with Linny’s Vault:

Click in this image to sign-up too!


The Texas Rangers lost last night and if they lose this Friday to the Orioles they are OUT of the basebal World Series. In addition, TCU’s starting quarterback got arrested last night (and is now suspended). Consequently, I will have a very anxious and stressed out boyfriend at home. #patience #compassion


Svedka commercials pi$$ me off! No, Svodka marketing people! I DON’T care about drinking the vodka voted “the best in 2033.” Is that the best you could come up with?! #whatdoesthatmean #getlost


Sarah Lake  is awesome and I am very grateful to her and Chloe for housing me for the past few months on my back-and-forth trips from Dallas to Waco. For the past couple of weeks I stayed at my friend Kristen’s (which I am thankful for as well), but I do miss Sarah’s hugs and Chloe‘s night cuddles and purrs…#loveyou


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4 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts v.1”
  1. Sar says:

    LOVE YOU TOO! Chloe and I are sending you hugs and cuddles!

  2. Caitlin says:

    Hi Halloween Blog Swap pal! Super excited to get you your package in the mail this week. 🙂 I have most of the stuff, but I wanted to pick up a couple more things before I get it sent out to you.

    I have been seeing the ad for that tattoo show on Hulu constantly and I had the same thought–especially when Dave Navarro tells someone that they misspelled their tattoo. Uhm…okay.

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