Presidential Debate Wordcloud

Here is the visual comparison of Obama’s and Romney’s debate word cloud. Created with Source of the debate transcript HERE. Disclosure: I created this for my own amusement. I am not an American citizen therefore my opinion on which candidate is best/worst for this country is irrelevant – AND I haven’t posted my opinion anyways…just a word cloud of the abc news debate transcripts/each of the candidates own words. Hate comments will be laughed at because this post does not endorse/bash either of the candidates. 

Wordle: Presidential Debate Wordcloud - Obama

Wordle: Presidential Debate Word Cloud - Romney

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3 Responses to “Presidential Debate Wordcloud”
  1. Hi Addy,

    I love your work here; I’m studying spatial science right now and I’m loving that you did this for your own amusement!! Thank you, the American people needed to see this!!

    Your Web Design Friend from Baylor,

    • Addy Addy says:

      Thanks girl! BTW I have been following you on twitter and it has kept me entertained…lol…especially when outing people for their ignorance. #keeponkeepingongirl


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