Halloween Swap: REVEAL

A Few Weeks ago, while perusing through my fellow blogger Linda’s blog I saw a call for a Halloween Swap. Since, I had never participated in such endeavor I decided to sign up. The instructions were simple:

A few days later, we got an email with the info of the person we were supposed to send our packages to and were instructed to wait until TODAY to reveal what we got. Here is the package I sent Linda:

Click here to read Linda’s blog post about the package

Here is the list of items:

[1] Addy’s Homemade Pumpkin Bites

[2] Recipe card for the pumpkin bites – goes with #s 4, 5, and 11.

[3] Apple Spice potpourri

[4] ink – goes with #4

[5] “Homemade with love” rubber stamp to add to cards that go with #11

[6] Tote with Linda’s blog’s logo/address ironed on

[7] Free Starbucks drink coupon

[8] Decorative pumpkin with the saying “Bless this home”

[9] Decorative halloween wine labels

[10] Scare crow pen

[11] Gift bags (for her to share with friends the pumpkin bites she makes)

I waited about a week and got my own package from Caitlyn and I loved it:

The halloween decorations are already spread out around my place and the chocolate in my belly: THANKS CAITLYN!!!

Here is the list of items:

[1] Rubber skeleton

[2] Halloween sketchpad

[3] Halloween sketchpad

[4] Rubber skull

[5] Flashing lights

[6] Fun Mustache

[7] Rubber halloween characters

[8] Trapped critters

[9] Halloween sound effects CD

[10] Halloween bucket full of chocolate!!!

[11] Hocus Pocus DVD

[12] Spider web and big sparkly spider decor

[13] Halloween pencils

[14] Ghost water bottle

[15] Halloween cup

[16] A card

[17] A hairband with bloddy knife attached to both sides

[18] Zombie blood

I loved participating in this Swap and CANNOT WAIT for the Christmas one. Want to join the fun?

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2 Responses to “Halloween Swap: REVEAL”
  1. Lin says:

    Look at all that fabulous Halloween stuff you got, too cool. My husband would love that rubber skull & sound effects CD. Oh my gosh, that bucket full of chocolate wouldn’t have made it a day in our house. We’re lucky to still have some of your pumpkin bites and that’s only because I hid some for later haha.

    Thanks so much for joining this swap, and spreading the word on the upcoming one. Glad you had fun!


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