10 on Tuesday v.12

[1] Oh-Em-Gee!!! Today was a big Apple daaaay!! New announcements for the iPad mini, new 13″ MacBook Pros and mega thin design for the iMac made the nerd in me jump up-and-down!! I just need $$ to get ALL OF IT!!! I WANT THEM AAAAALLLL!!

The one on the right is the iPad mini…isn’t it cute?! #iwantonenow

[2] Last weekend we had the last tournament for the Fall series league for Madfrog Volleyball and it was the last time I coached my little Spike-a-Delics. I had a blast coaching those little girls and they improved SO MUCH! I am very proud of them and hope to see them in the future.

[3] Anybody watching Walking Dead?! Well, I love that show! However, I am not liking whatever is happening to Rick. I loved when he was the level headed good guy, but now I am starting to kinda hate him from turning kinda evil. 😛 On the other hand…the makeup on the show is AWESOME! Those zombies look amazing!!!

[4] Since we are talking about Zombies…This past weekend was TCU’s Homecoming so my boyfriend and I headed to Ft. Worth for the festivities (TCU is my bf’s alma mater). We went to dinner in downtown Ft. Worth at a delicious Italian restaurant called Taverna (btw the pizza there was deeeeelish). After dinner we were walking in downtown and witnessed a Zombie Bar Crawl. It is amazing how people take dressing like zombies VERY SERIOUSLY! There were about 500 of them and it was very fun to watch. I just wondered how ironic it would be if a Zombie Apocalypse broke out in the Zombie Crawl….Zombies dressed like Zombies…lol…#IRONIC

[5]  We had our Halloween Swap Reveal yesterday and HERE is the post about it.

[6] Just saw an Obama campaign commercial with Morgan Freeman as the narrator. NOT A FAIR CAMPAIGN MOVE Obama. NO ONE can resist Morgan Freeman’s narrating voice. Here it is:

[7] Now, watch the following hillarious parody of this ad done by Connan:

[8] My mom is going back to school!!! English school I mean…lol She is starting a English language immersive course in Florida with classes everyday and all. I hope she learns English so she can better communicate with my Gringo BF (and since his Portuguese-learning seems to have stopped).

[9] I am looking forward to the upcoming weekend. I will be presenting at the Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3) Regional Conference as a Keynote Speaker. I will be talking about Augmented Reality in Education so this week has ben super busy preparing for that and creating demo activities for the participants. I hope it goes well!

[10] A girl ought to have fun too! After the conference I will be going to some friends to a Ghostland Observatory concert. The fun thing about their concerts is that EVERYBODY wears costumes and the #LAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRSSSSSSSSS!!!


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