10 on Tuesday v. 10 (on Wednesday)

[1] The following picture is scary: (1) because there is a shark in it; (2) because the shark is so close to the guy/photographer dude; (3) it was the guys intention to be that close #nutcase

The poster for Disney’s Huck Finn

[2] I’m in deep…deep into audiobooks, I mean *chuckle* I started with the classic Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckaberry Finn which I just finished reading and ABSOLUTELY LOVED! Btw…the story SHOULD NOT be changed in any way, shape, or form. It was written in the 1800s and should depict the 1800s realities of vocabulary! I loved the book so much that I cannot wait to watch the Walt Disney movie interpretation which stars Elijah Wood. The book I am into now is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo which is not as exciting (thanks to the weird narrator that sounds like Giada de Laurentis over-pronouncing the book’s French language bits). However, I am also looking forward to the new Les Mis movie since I have not seen the musical.

[3] There was a guy in Florida arrested for having sex with a miniature donkey: GOOD LORD!

[4]  Yesterday I was doing some house work with the TV on and there was this Claritin commercial that played 4 times in a row…NO JOKE! F-O-U-R TIMES!!! #marketingpeoplesuck

[5] This cat is awesome:

Yup! I am doing that on my wedding!


[6] Funny wedding pictures make me happy, and I found a whole album of them online that includes the gem that I posted here.

[7] I started coaching again! I am coaching for MadFrog volleyball! I have a Fall series team of wonderful 11 year old girls and I will have a team of 12 year olds for the regular club season. This past weekend my 11 y/o’s had a tournament. While we did not win a lot of games, we improved significantly! (they just started playing) I am looking forward for more volleyball, more coaching, more fun!

[8] I am OBSESSED with the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion! I love everyone BUT Theresa…poor Theresa she is not really that smart :/ I love the Manzo girls Caroline and Lauren and Melissa because while a lot of this reality stuff is super fake *cough* (whisper voice – Theresa) the other girls try to keep it the most real. For that, I like them!

[9] My bf gave me flowers this week and they are beautiful (heart):

[10] I had Jimmy John’s for lunch today and I love their packaging design…and their food (and yup! I instagrammed them lol)


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