10 on Tuesday v.8

[1] I recently stumbled upon this video today and it is a little disturbing. It’s about eating fertilized eggs. I have a good apetite, but this…I pass.

[2] I recently watched the movie Vanilla Sky and IT WAS AWESOME! How come nobody has told me about it before! I hope that death is like the permanent sleeping /dreaming state that Tom Cruise is in…and when you choose to reincarnate you take a leap 🙂

[3] I was feeling Blah! yesterday and my boyfriend send me this website with wonderful motivational message (including the message below). Click on the image to see the other ones…It might motivate you:

[4] The other weekend one of my boyfriend’s besties came to town from LA with his girlfriend. She is a singer and was coming to Dallas to do some promos on her new single. She is unbelievably good and ya’ll should check her out. Her new single is called Tip Toes (you can buy it here) but below you can find the making off with the video and below that is her rendition of Britney Spears’ Toxic (WAAAAAAY better than the original). NO JOKE…she is REALLY good.

[5] Talking about musically interesting things…I found this really cool video:

[6] TRUST ME! I am not getting paid by the people I am talking about here. I actually like their stuff and I happen to know them. So…for my next shout out I will talk about my friend Ashley’s clothing line called Branded Clothing. We recently went to a lake house together for labor day weekend (post to come) and she gave me some awesome samples. Branded Clothing does clothes for Baylor, SMU, Texas Tech, and TCU girls. The clothes are DARLING! As you can see in the picture 🙂

[7]  I totally think that the song hide and seek by Imogen Heap should be used in the next Hunger Games sound track…just saying…oh…and btw Jamie Dee’s song (from #4) WAS in the first Hunger Games movie soundtrack…#BADA$$!

[8] My bestie Jo had a baby and I am super happy for her and her hubby. To Colton James: Auntie Addy already loves you SO SO much and cannot wait to meet you!!! <3

[9] I am not into sports, but I did go to Baylor for my undergrad, masters, and doctorate. My boyfriend went to TCU and he IS VERY MUCH INTO sports and he got me season tickets for TCU football games #FML

[10] I restarted watching Breaking Bad with my BF and I LOVE THAT SHOW. It is very intense and depressing, but I can’t wait for him to catch up so we can see the last season that is airing now on AMC.

Where is Waldo?! and by Waldo I mean my bf Marc and his silly face between TCU football fans lol

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One Response to “10 on Tuesday v.8”
  1. Lin says:

    1. Dude, I almost threw up while watching that. I dont care if it does taste like chicken…that’s disgusting!
    2. Is it really good? My husband ‘s been asking me to watch it but have yet too.
    3. Aw, that was sweet of him.
    4. Wow, you weren’t kidding, she really is good. I’ll have to check her out next time she performing in LA.
    8. Congratulations to them!
    10. Definitely one of my favorite shows. The 1/2 season ender, is SO good! You’re gonna enjoy it 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

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