10 on Tuesday v.7

[Image 1] Yup…my day is not as bad anymore

[1] Yesterday I had a brilliant idea for a new series of paintings. Portraits of my friends on canvas, but instead of their faces I would paint their fingerprints with the grooves and all and then color with colors that I would think are appropriate based on my relationship with that person. I thought! what a great idea! I decided to go online to do some research and I found this: DNA art http://www.dna11.com/ and while I admire what they are doing I thought: “crap! I should have thought of that earlier!

[2]Saw a website with simple steps on getting through a rough day and image 1 DID make me fell much better.

[3] You should check this website out: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/people-you-wish-you-knew-in-real-life because it is awesome and I would love to meet those people as well!

[4] Potbelly sandwiches are DIVINE! I haven’t gotten tired of them yet. My favorite: TKY on wheat with everything BUT mayo and oil. 😛 YUM!

[5] How come when I go to repin something on pinterest a link to repin to mikelike shows up?! Fail!

[6] Was watching Something Borrowed and noticed that both Kate Hudson and Steve Howie (funny guy that I LOVED in Reba) were there – same as Bride Wars! They were also romantically involved there…hum…

[7] This guy built an Effin CARDBOARD BIKE! As in a full working bicycle from cardboard and that works!

[8] Last friday night my boyfriend and a few friends went to a Silent Disco. What is that? Well, you go to a venue where there are about 3 DJs playing and there is no music around…only in your HEADPHONES! You get to pick which DJ to listen to by the headphone channels or turn the volume up/down. IT WAS AWESOME! GREAT MUSIC, GREAT COMPANY and my bf got me some sweet glasses!

Silent Disco 2012


My dear friend Luis and I at ID Fest

[9] A couple of weekends ago I went to ID Fest and didn’t blog about it. However I would like to emphasize that it was AWESOME! Some of the DJs featured were: Pretty Lights, Rusko, Steve Aoki, Nero, Hardwell, Wolfgang Gartner, Showtek, Adrian Lux and others…

[10] The reason I went to ID fest was because my friend Michael and his girlfriend Kathy invited me to go with them. They are awesome! I have known Michael for years now and he is like a brother to me. After the festival we ended up going to Buzzbrews, one of my fav food spots to eat in Dallas, and after that they spent the night at my place. However, it turned out that I forgot my sunglasses in Michael’s car. I called him warning about it and he said that upon finding the sunglasses he would mail them to me. He did. With the letter shown below. That’s how awesome he is:

Gotta love my friend Michael…

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