10 on Tuesday v.4

[1] Today I was perusing through my Facebook wall and saw some friends talking about incredibox.com. This website is awesome if you want to kill time. You add characters to a box and pick which melodies, effect, and beats that they will make and they start making sounds. The funniest things is that the creators nailed the way in which these character’s mouths and eyes move. I couldn’t stop playing with it.

[2] Traditionally Brazil doesn’t have many medals compared to the United States, but we did get a gold medal in Men’s Gymnastics Rings. The kid, Arthur Zanetti kicked butt and beat the Chinese.

This is the painting I just finished. A 24×42 acrylic on canvas.

[3] I just finished another painting. It is a 24×42 acrylic on canvas that my friend commissioned. He is actually giving the painting to a couple of friends of his as a wedding gift. It is based on the poster of a band that they went to see and that same night they got engaged. Soon I will create a blog post with the process of creation of the painting.

[4] I love volleyball and I have been watching the volleybal in the Olympics games here and there. I guess I especially love watching the Brazilian team because growing up playing volleyball in Brazil I have played against most of the girls that are now in the national team. They have always been incredible players, but I just could not believe this one save where the libero just kicked the ball back and the girls scored. I was not watching the game, but thankfully someone decided to create a gif with that.

[5] I AM GOING TO DISNEYWOOOOOORLD!!! It seems like was yesterday when I blogged about “My Favorites” for my friend’s Sarah‘s 15 Day Challenge and I listed Disneyworld as one of my favorite places on earth. Well, it turns out that my boyfriend’s brother will have a break from his job at the Coast Guard and the whole family – me, my bf, his brother, the brother’s fiance, mom and dad – will head to Orlando, FL in a couple of weeks for the weekend. YAAAAAAAY!!!! I am sooooo happy to go there again!

Isn’t this an incredible save?!

[6] This was a lucky week for me. I won a free personal training class at my Gold’s Gym on McKinney Ave. It was one of those raffles – you know…one of those that you usually walk by and doesn’t sign up for – but this time I DID sign up and I DID WIN 🙂 I already scheduled for this Friday and I am super excited about it #WINNING.

[7] If you ever think about going to graduate school and want to know my advice about it: DO NOT GO! That’s it.

[8] Apparently some stores are already putting up Christmas items for sale. It’s too effing early for that!! I think Christmas time is so special, but if half of the year is filled with Chritsmassy things it will loose its magic. STOP THAT YOU BUSINESSES! >:(

[9] I love my place of work. More importantly, I am very grateful for the people I work for. Last week, when my dissertation proposal was shut down, one of my bosses took me to coffee, talked to me about it, shared her similar experience, and let me vent. I admire my bosses and I am very thankful for their support.

[10] I found the most wonderful thing about Baylor. This kid spend hours and hours in this computer software and recreated the whole university. It is definitely worth watching, and if you are a Baylor Bear it is will be particularly awesome. Sic’em.

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3 Responses to “10 on Tuesday v.4”
  1. Sar says:

    Oh my gosh, I just spent far too long on that incredibox website, and I love you for it.

    Also, WHAT? DISNEYWORLD?! SO COOL! Can your mommy meet up too?

  2. Lin says:

    2. Holy cow, he’s awesome!
    3. Wow, you’re SO talented. I dont think I could paint a flower even if I tried haha. That’s really amazing.
    5. I’ve always wanted to visit Disney World. I live about 10 mins from Disneyland but it’s not the same, so I hear. Have fun!
    6. Go you! Get your work out on.
    7. Bahaha!
    8. I was at Target the other day & purposely ran away from any aisle that contained Christmas items. I dont need to be seeing that stuff, it’s too early 🙁
    9. You’re pretty lucky to have a cool work place like that.

    Thanks for linking up! Loved reading your 10.

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