Ten on Tuesday v.3

This past weekend I traveled to New Orleans with my boyfriend and a group of friend. Therefore, this 10 on Tuesday post will be inspired by that trip.

View of the hotel in NOLA

[1] I played volleyball for many years of my life. Because of that I was recruited to play for Baylor University and there I made friendships that will be with me forever. Some of the girls I met at Baylor are my “core” friends, but they live all over the country and I don’t get to see them too often. This weekend tho, I got to see two of my besties and their significant others. They are strong, beautiful, and fun women and their boyfriend/husband are wonderful people as well (and that have a great relationship with my boyfriend). I had a blast reconnecting with them and I cherish every moment we spent together.

Bienville and Bourbon

[2] New Orleans’ French Quarter is AWESOME! I love the history, the architecture, the smells, the art. I LOVE ALL ABOUT IT. The only thing that is pretty annoying is the heat, but we were lucky enough that this weekend was not uber hot and walking around was doable.

[3] If you ever make to NOLA you MUST eat at this place called Willie Mae’s. I could write a whole food review about this place, but a lot of people have already done so. IT WAS THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE! According to the New York Times travel guide “her secret-recipe fried chicken were designated an “American classic” by the James Beard Foundation” and it is indeed remarkable! I also had the red beans and rice (to die for) and the green beans (yum!). The lemonade there is also FANTASTIC, along with their delicious bread pudim which I could not resist. After that we HAD to take a nap, but it was DEFINITELY AMAZING!

You ought to check this place out when in NOLA

The whole convo between Pat O’Brien’s and I

[4] Social media check-ins pay off. For this trip, checking in of both Foursquare and Yelp I got free begnets at Huck Finn’s Cafe , I got an American Express deal that for $10 bucks spent at the Krazy Korner on Bourbon I would get $5 back. Also, I got a delicious free appetizer at Le Bayou Restaurant.

[5] On the same trail from the item before I have an interesting story to share. The week before we went to New Orleans I decided to scavenge twitter for #NOLA to see what was happening. I saw then the following post from Pat O’Brien‘s bar saying “Thanks to out 1500+ followers! Here’s a coupon for a Free Appetizer in our restaurant – 624 Bourbon St #NOLA” and attached the picture of the coupon. I replied to that email by saying that I was heading there that weekend and that I would definitely use the coupon.

So, that Friday we get to New Orleans and I tell all of my friends “hey guys we should go to Pat O’Brien’s because I got a coupon for a free appetizer!” so, on Friday night we decide to go. We get a table, order the appetizer, our food, and before we get our check I let them know that I have a coupon in my phone (because it is on twitter). The waitress comes back and says the coupon has to be printed out to be validated. I decide to call the manager to explain that  in the coupon there is nothing telling me that I have to have a physical copy of the coupon to redeem the offer. At that time I am tweeting Pat O’brien’s the following message: “well…we are here AND we brought the coupon on my phone (cuz u tweeted it) but they won’t accept it #lame.” I was so upset and tweeted again: “that’s not fair!!! the coupon should be accepted! you tweeted and didn’t say it HAD to be printed #notfair #nola.”

Having a lawyer as a boyfriend is very helpful at times. The appetizer was only $10 bucks and we would never sue them for anything that is that small…but that’s the PRINCIPLE that counts! If it wasn’t for that tweet/coupon I might not have gone to that business, therefore they solicited the business by reaching out. Once they do not honor a coupon, which did not state that it HAD to be printed, they are basically doing something deceiving to the consumer. I make that case to the manager (and my lawyer boyfriend as well) and finally he honors the coupon.

Later that night I get a tweet from Pat O’Brien’s again saying that they were sorry for my troubles and offering a drink, and I let them know that ultimately the manager honored the coupon. The funny thing is that the next day I get a tweet from them again inviting me for a drink on the house. I reply: “do I have to print the tweet to redeem it?” lol but at O’brien’s takes the joke and said that there was no printing necessary.

This was a fun/interesting thing that happened. I didn’t go back for the free drink, but in my mind Pat O’Brien’s redeemed itself and I would still recommend people to go there. They have a great atmosphere and a great French Quarter style courtyard. The food was great, and even throughout the whole coupon argumentation they honored the coupon and were nice over twitter. GO THERE, take a picture, and tweet me @addymeira 🙂

[6] This time in NOLA we decided not to do a tour. Last time I was here I did a vampire tour where Vabio (my friends and I named him that because he looked like Fabio, but had Vampire fangs) showed us all the places in NOLA where vampire/murder stories are associated with. That tour was awesome and I totally recommend it.

The BF and I in #NOLA

[7] Packing! I hate packing! I hate packing especially when you pack a bunch of crap and you don’t get to wear them. This was one of those trips. Everybody on the group packed a bunch of clothes and shoes and we ended up wearing very few of them because during the day we would get all sweaty and we KNEW we would get just as sweaty at night…no need to change…

[8] Sunday was our last day. We slept past our check out time (of course), ate, took my boyfriend to the airport and then I drive to Houston with 2 of my friends (i flew out of houston because it was a lot cheaper). The drive back was AWEFUL!!! My friend Modg and I felt super sick, and when she was trying to determine the specific thing we had eaten to cause that I determined that it was THE WEEKEND! We had about 5 stops on the way #TMI, but 5 and a half hours later we made it.

[9] I miss New Orleans already. I miss the food, the french quarter, but most importantly I miss my girls. I always love spending time with them and I cannot wait to see them again.

[10] Dissertation proposal update: it was not accepted :(. This is the reason this post was not published promptly on Tuesday. I was/still am incredibly bummed out. My committee told me to revise/change pretty much the whole thing which may meas that my graduation might be delayed and that pisses me off…oh well…

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  1. Lin says:

    Packing. I hate it! I’ve been known to leave the items in my suitcase after a trip for weeks…I know, it’s awful haha. Glad you had fun though 🙂 Thanks for joining the 10 on Tuesday fun!

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