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So, I have not blogged in a while, but because of the 15 Day Challenge I got connected with a bunch of other bloggers. The platform of their choice seems to be or My blogging tool of choice is WordPress, and while I have always dabbled on adding new widgets, plugins and whatnots I just didn’t have a button to share with the world. Well, here is how I did it:

[1] First I opened my .png logo in Adobe Photoshop

[2] I unlocked the layer (double click on top of the layer) and transformed (command T + shift + option) it to a smaller size

[3] Clicked Image>Canvas Size> and Selected 150×150 pixels

[4] Saved for Web & Devices as as a .jpg

[5] I have a dropbox account, so I decided to host that file on my public folder

[6] Installed and activated the WP PHP widget plugin

[7] on Appearance and Widgets I added the PHP widget to my sidebar

[8] For the title I added “Save my Button”

[9] On the text area type: <center><a border=”0″ href=”yourblogURL” target=”_blank”><img src=”yourimagedirectlinkURL”/></a></center>  In my case “yourimagedirectlinkURL” was the public link to my file in my public drobbox folder

[10] I then created the text area for the button with the code: <center><textarea rows=”4″ cols=”20″>Then paste in your HTML from step # 9 and close with</textarea></center>

That’s it! I got myself a button. Please send me comments. If you create a button following these instructions please share them with me:



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