15 Day Challenge [Day 9]

[Day 9]: Tell us the best day of your life to date.

I have to agree with my dear friend Sarah on this one and say that I cannot really think of one exact day in my life that has stand out more than the others. Yes, my 6th birthday party was a great event in my life, but I cannot say that it was the best day EVER. However, there were a few days that have been extremely memorable and perhaps worth sharing:

A picture of Gato and I. Yes! We do have the same eyes…lol

[1] I had an interesting childhood. My parents separated when I was 12, and I never really had a relationship with my dad. There were many things that happen before the day he left our home, which I choose to keep private, but the very day my father left the house was very memorable to me and my mom. We actually celebrated it a lot and did a whole spring cleaning. That moment made us closer than ever and I knew that it was just US…for years to come. I love my mom with all my heart, and that day was a very important day in our lives.

[2] I played volleyball for many years of my life. I have won games and tournaments and there are so many memories attached to those experiences. One of the ones I am most proud of and fond of was when my team won 3rd place nationally in Brazil. Yes, it was just 3rd place…but we beat one of the most favorite teams and I got featured in the cover of the Sunday newspaper…that is kind of a big deal… (the newspaper clipping is not here in Dallas with me, but as soon as I get a hold of it I will scan it and add to the post).

[3] I own a cat, Sully Gato Meira, and Yes! He does have his own Facebook page. He is the fluffiest, fattests, laziest, wonderfullest thing I could ever love. I love him SO FREAKING MUCH! and the day I adopted him is a very memorable one. I went all the way from Waco to Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, TX with my friend Jo to adopt him. Earlier in the week I saw him on TV as the “featured pet of the week” and I just HAD to go get him. Jo and I drove all the way there, and I actually took pictures of the whole trip, the restaurant we went to BEFORE picking him up, the treats and collar I got him, etc. Then, when we got home, I took pictures of his “first things:” first time eating, first time going up the stairs, first time peeing…I know…a little TOO much…but I was so happy to go pick him up that I wanted to document EVERYTHING. After Fofura, I never really had another pet (well…except for a Beta fish named Nemo), so Gato is very important to me. To this day, I have NEVER regretted adopting my Littles-Littles/Princes Pickles. 

A picture of my Mom and I at my Master’s graduation (2008).

I have graduated twice (undergrad and masters), and I looking forward to graduating with my doctorate. Though I don’t think that will be one of the happiest days of my life…It will probably be a relief day. However, I do look forward to getting engaged (and God knows how much I hope that a good story will be attached to that event), married, having children, winning the lottery…for now though, these will do, but I sure look forward to the other ones…

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4 Responses to “15 Day Challenge [Day 9]”
  1. Elise says:

    Congrats on having so many accomplishments! I want to go for my doctorate too, in the long run 😉 I know how you feel in regards to your dad. I’ve had a lot of issues with my mom, and sometimes the better days were when she wasn’t around. I’m learning to forgive.

    • Addy Addy says:

      Thanks for the comment Elise! Forgiveness is important but it is very hard because we can never really forget. However, the moment we forgive them we actually free ourselves. Good luck in your journey to freedom <3

  2. Sar says:

    Hear that, Marc? There better be a good story regarding getting engaged…


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