15 Day Challenge [Day 15]

[Day 15]: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

It is finally the last post of the 15 day Challenge and I must share that this has been a blast. I have missed a couple of days at the end there, but at least I am catching up and finishing it. What is the best compliment I have ever received? How about this: what compliment has impacted me the most? It relates to my volleyball career. I was about 14 years old and I had a coach named Cristiano. For one week I had been struggling with practice and I felt discouraged about playing volleyball. My mom, SUPER SUPPORTIVE AS ALWAYS, would come to every single practice to watch me. Since I was feeling very discouraged and complaining a lot to her she decided to talk to my coach and ask for pointers on what to do. Without them noticing, I went near the area they were talking to hear the conversation, and what my coach said inspired me, motivated me, and made me feel like I could really be a great player one day. He said something like this to my mom:

My mom never told me what he said, but she was not hard on me at home, and kept taking me to practice. Now, I am here in America, writing a blog – in english – because volleyball brought me here and allowed me to accomplish many things. That compliment was paramount for THIS to happen and I am very thankful to my coach, my mom, and everyone that helped me in my journey.

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