15 Day Challenge [Day 13]

 [Day 13]: What are your favorites?

This should be an easy one, right? Listing my favorite things…However, and for some odd reason this felt like a nightmare for me. I will try my best to think of the major ones, but I might have to come back often to this list and tweak it:

Favorite drink: Thai tea at Bangkok Royal in Waco. For some reason, I have not been able to find a tastier one. I love how it is a drink, but at the same time it is dessert. It is velvety, but refreshing at the same time. Deeelish!

Favorite appetizer: Bang Bang Shrimp (old recipe) at Dodie’s New Orleans Seafood Cafe on Greenville Ave – Dallas, TX. It’s pretty much a fried shrimp with buffalo sauce (like the one for wings) that when dipped in ranch and followed by an ice cold beer taste like heaven in your mouth.

Favorite song ever: World Hold On – Bob Sinclair. I love a lot of songs, but the reason why this is my favorite one is because my closest girlfriends and I have had great memories while listening (and singing…and dancing like crazy people) to this song. It is very upbeat and has an awesome message.

Favorite song now: Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix) – Every time this song comes on my pandora radio I go nuts!

Favorite movie: You’ve Got Mail – with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I LOVE the story. I LOVE how it depicts the 90’s and a love story that starts on an online chat room, then email…It’s cute, funny, sweet, and definitely my favorite!

Love this place <3

Favorite person: My mom – Even now, when she is in Brazil and we get to Skype a lot I think of how awesome she is and how thankful I am for her being my mom.

Favorite gadget: My iPhone – Say what you have to say…iPhones are EFFING AWESOME! I love all the apps, the maps, the internet capabilities. I could live without one, but I choose not to…ever.

Favorite place: Disney world – It’s whimsical, it’s happy, it’s magical! I could be there all year long and LOVE IT! I love the food, I love the rides, I love the colors. LOVE!

Gosh, I feel that I could go on forever with this one, but I guess these ones are good enough…for now…Maybe at a later post I will add more.

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