15 Day Challenge [Day 12]

[Day 12]: What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

This is an easy one. In the next six months I am most looking forward to:

[1] Weekend trip to New Orleans – My boyfriend and I are meeting some of my closest girlfriends and their men in New Orleans for a weekend at the end of the month. I LOVE NOLA! I love the food, I love the feel of the town, and most of all I LOVE MY GIRLS and I cannot wait to see them.

This is a picture of CJ’s parent’s wedding day. I was the maid of honor and I love his mommy and daddy.

[2] The birth of Colton James – My bestie, and Babooshka, Jorunn is having a baby boy! I cannot wait for him to arrive. I will also be making a trip to meet him and to help mama out.

[3] Doctorate GRADUATION – I cannot wait to be done with school. BE DONE with any schooling whatsoever. I have been in college since 2001 so IT HAS BEEN LONG ENOUGH. I am done! If I cannot graduate by december I will quit. I’m done. PERIOD.

[4] Finding a grown up job – It could be teaching, it could be with faculty and professional development, graphic design….I DON’T CARE! I just want a grown up job that can give me a work visa.

I am looking forward to a lot of other things, but these are the main ones 🙂

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  1. Sar says:

    Graduation! Graduation! Graduation!

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