15 Day Challenge [Day 10]

[Day 10]: What is your most embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment happened in 7th grade. My parents allowed me to go on a school excursion out of town, but since the bus with all of the students going on the excursion was supposed to leave early in the morning from my school, my mom and dad drove me to school. The interesting fact was that my dad, at that time, owned a puke green volkswagen beetle. I WAS HORRIFIED BY IT! IT WAS HORRENDOUS! I WAS EXTREMELY ASHAMED OF IT!

Yep, my dad’s car looked just like this one.

I was so ashamed of it that every morning, when he drove me to school, I had to ask him to drop me off a block away so no one would see me. That time though, that time was different…On the way there, my mom – knowing that I was so ashamed of being in the beetle – said that they would follow the bus because they would miss me so much. I FREAKED OUT! I could NOT believe that they would do that! I thought that they were just joking…welp! They were not. I hopped on the bus, thinking that they were gone. About 5 minutes later, I hear some honking outside the bus…ALL of the kids in the bus leaned over to look at the commotion and guess what?! MY PARENTS WERE THERE! Honking, waving at me, blowing freaking kisses, laughing their asses off…I could not believe it. All the kids on the bus were making fun of them and asking “whose parents are those?” I pretended I didn’t know them, sat down, and pretended I was busy doing something else. It was definitely the most embarrassing moment of my life.

Now that I am kind of a grown up, I can just imagine what my parents went through. The whole thing must have been SO HILARIOUS for them! Just now, the moment I am writing this blog post, I am also skyping with my mom and I said: “mom, guess what?! I am writing about the most embarrassing moment of my life” and she said “I know what it is (laughter)…The time when your dad and I went after the bus! (laughter)” I totally want to that to my kid…lol…

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