10 on Tuesday v.1

Thanks to my Dear Sarah I have learned about the wonders of linking up with other bloggers and sharing life and ramblings. Therefore, I have chosen to participate on 10 on Tuesdays hosted by Lin and Megan.

[1] I absolutely love technology and the perks that come with it. My mom went to visit a good friend of hers in Brazil and she decided to take her laptop. They talked to me for about 45 minutes and I used my iPad to give them a tour of my apartment. I have a great view of downtown Dallas and that lady has never been here…well…technically now she has.

[2] Cats always make me happy, even stray ones. Now, for instance, my ball of fur Gato is right by my hand asking for lovin’. People say that cats are mean and that they are not trustworthy and THAT IS NOT TRUE. I love my cat and other felines alike (such as Chloe).

[3] I love GROUPON! In particular, I love the $6 Studio Movie Grill deal that they have where you get a movie ticket and a free drink for $6. Movie theater ticket prices in Texas are awful! Last week my boyfriend and I went to see The Amazing Spider Man in 3-D and it cost us more than $30! $12 bucks, 2 free drinks, and a flick…can’t beat that!

This is one of the .gifs that my boyfriend recently shared with me.

[4] Sushi man….I loooooove sushi! and my boyfriend and I found a good place near our house which make me uber happy. The place is called The Fish. They have great ambience, they play Skrillex while you dine (and other great music), and their sushi is very affordable and deelish! One of my favorites: the Dallas Tower, which is a tuna tower with cream cheese, avocado, some crunchy goodness, and a little bit of spicyness. LOVE!

[5] Lin, I am sorry, but you are wrong! Douches are the people that wear beenies in the summer time (lol). What is up with that? It’s over 95 degrees outside most of Texas summer days and these people wear beenies…the F?!

[6] Animated gifs are absolutely awesome. They make my day.

[7] I hate when the people looking for houses on HGTV’s House Hunters pick the house I wouldn’t! Not saying that the house wasn’t technically a better deal, or that it wouldn’t be a better fit for their family…I just hate it because I love the final part of the show when they show the decorated house. I love this show because sometimes these people are uber picky and then, when you see their belongings you can kinda tell they were full of crap…with their crappy belongings…”Oh there is not room for my bedroom furniture here in this bedroom neh neh neh” and then when I see their crappy furniture I just wanna shout: “REALLY?! YOU DIDN’T PICK THAT PLACE BECAUSE OF THIS CRAPPY BED AND THIS CRAPPY DRAWER THINGY?! EFF OFF” lol

[8] I love my dear Sarah Lake and you should know that your {number 4} will pass. I was there right before I met Marc and here we are…You are absolutely wonderful, inspiring, adorable, and you will find a loving man that will deserve you are treat you like a princess because YOU DESERVE IT! For now, hug Chloe Bear for me…

[9] I am feeling jealous today…NO, really…not from my boyfriend, but from my friend Jo. She is all preggo and about to pop a baby and her baby shower will be this weekend. I cannot afford going to California to see her 2 times this year, so I decided to go AFTER she pops CJ so I can actually HELP her with the baby (after her husband goes back to work after his leave). However, some of my other girlfriends are going to be there for the shower and I am feeling bitter :/

[10] I love my boyfriends mom! I REALLY DO! She took me out to lunch last week and because I have not officially toured the city of Dallas (I mostly stay at home and pout) she took me on a full on tour after lunch. Not only that, she said that next week we are going to tour the tunnels under downtown and have lunch there (something I said I wanted to do because my boyfriend – who works downtown – talks about it all the time]

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  1. Sar says:

    Ugh, you’re wonderful. Also, CHLOE LOVES YOU! Just thought you should know!

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