The Latest “Thangs” – 7.15.10

EDC5370: I am so excited to write this blog post not because I have so many fun things to tell, but also because I am composing this message sitting one a VERY comfy chair at Panera Bread with my dear EDC5370. We are wrapping up our second week of classes, and we decided to bring our work day to a different setting. On their work day my students should talk about their group projects with their partners, they should use collaborative tools such as google docs and google waves to add their notes and thought processes (which they share with me – of course) and also they can use this time to elaborate on their blog posts (they are required to submit 3 posts per week). If you are interested in reading my student’s posts you are more than welcome to! Our address is or you can follow us on twitter by looking for the #edc5370 tag.

7.16 edit – I forgot to mentioned that when I was entering Panera I saw a girl wearing a shirt with my newest logo design. I created the logo for the Nobody’s Fool campaign from the Central Texas Planned Parenthood. If you want to check it out, know more about that program, or register your kids please click HERE.  My dear friend Sarah Lake is the director of that program, and what they do is a great way to educate kids about their growth and sexuality while promoting abstinence and dialogue between the kids and parents. You should definitely check it out and spread the word.

NMFS: Since this is a very odd place to meet I will be gathering some video testimonials with my nifty iPod nano (that I have acquired by participating at the New Media Faculty Seminar this past Spring). Also, it is very interesting to read my student’s posts since some of the readings are also some of the readings discussed at the NMFS. Please take a look at them and comment if you ave some time! If you want to take a look at the blog posts from the faculty and staff that participated on the NMFS click HERE. Here are the testimonials I got from my students:

NMC: On another note: I’M FAMOUS! Check out the updated online program for the NMC Summer Conference that was held in Anaheim, CA last June…I’m listed as a presenter for the first time…YAY for newbies! If you want to check it out click here. The amazing thing about the experience was not only that I got to present at the conference, but that the Baylor Graduate School funded my travel costs. The Baylor Graduate School has a program that funds graduate student travel expenses if you are going to a professional conference, if you are presenting, and if you are representing Baylor. If you are interested in find more information about it you can click HERE. One of the requirements is for you to submit a document that shows them how you have benefited from the experience. You can read how I benefited from that experience in this Report.

New Student Orientation: Planning for the New Graduate Student Orientation are going great. The schedule is pretty much already set and we are working on getting all of the plans into practice in August 18th 2010. Some of our speakers will be Judge Ken Starr, Baylor University President, Dr. Elizabeth Davis, BU Provost, Dr. Kevin Jackson, Vice President for Student Life, Dr. Burt Burleson, University Chaplain. It will be a blast! If you want more information about it click HERE. If you want more information about the Baylor Graduate School or the Graduate Student Association just follow the links and learn about what we are all about

ATL: Yesterday we had our weekly graduate fellows from the Academy of Teaching and Learning meeting, and on that meeting we discussed some of our current projects and future projects. One of them in particular is very exciting to share. The idea is to develop and create a incubator classroom at Baylor. While the idea of implementing something like this into an university environment is not new. However, the idea of using this environment that promotes creativity and innovation and do a project that included some kind of measurement of interest and creativity would be very neat. I am looking forward to having an environment like that at Baylor, but while it is NOT available we can just wonder around and watch youtube videos about this stuff at other universities:

So…Later on I got home and was talking to my mom about the class and it came to my mind that the reason why I can stay in Waco and NOT be homesick to the point that it would bother my studies is because of technology. For instance, I speak to my mom via skype, but because I have a very nerdy/nifty set up in my apartment it feels like I am telepresencing her here. Check out this picture below to take a look at my set up and my awesome mom 🙂 What a blessing!

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