EDC5370 – Day 3

Hello All, I hope that you enjoyed today’s class and today’s readings. If you want to check the presentation file out you can just check it out here 🙂

View this document on Scribd

Once again, the presentation was created with google docs, and it allows for easy sharing and easy exporting/embedding into other sources. Don’t forget to let me know/share with me the collaborative file for your group project. Also, try to get started on your blog posts! The link for the Vennevar Bush article is here, the youtube video that we watched is this one:

and the other links are here:

What I forgot to add in class is that in the New Media Faculty seminar we discussed the Vennevar Bush article. If you decide to mention it in your own reflection, please add the tag that is listed on the last slide of the class presentation so that faculty members can also have access to your reflections 🙂

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