Are you a poop stepper?

So…the other day I was leaving work, and just as I stepped foot outside my office I grabbed my phone and checked if anyone had called me. No one had :(. Then, instead of putting my amazing iPhone away I decided to wonder around my apps and see what I could play with while walking back home.

First stop: FACEBOOK APP. I wanted to see if there were new notifications for me, new messages, new ANYTHING! But NO!, once again I was disappointed and still craving for some entertainment.

I decided then to plug in my headphones and turn my iPod on so that the quest to find something amusing on my iPhone could continue, but now with a soundtrack. The music started playing (with the setting set on shuffle – as always), but I came to the realization that although I have about 50 different apps on my phone NONE of them were serving a purpose at that time.

I decided that my next step was to download something new from the app store. Given that I had just preached to my EDC5370 students about blogging, I decided to install the wordpress app. What could be better than walking around AND blogging at the same time, right? But right at that time I just baaarely looked up (it was God’s grace…I tell you) and I dodged a pretty big pile of dog poop! The thoughts in my head then transitioned from “what should I do on my phone on my way home” to “what the heck am I doing that I am not paying attention to the surface that I am about to step on while I walk home” and at that moment I also wondered how many other people have not have God’s grace showered upon them and did not dodge the poops in front of them in time. I thought about blogging about it but since I was so busy with other stuff I stored in my mind as a low priority thing…UNTIL…well…until last night, right? Something memorable HAD to happen for me to actually retrieve a low priority “future blog idea” from my head and that incident happened right after I got out of karaoke.

If you know me, you know that I am a karaoke fan. Last night, such as any other Wednesday night, I met my friends at karaoke. I had a blast! I actually got to physically socialize with people (because I DO spend a lot of time in front of a sometimes is nice to interact with REAL humans), and when I was leaving the karaoke place the same thing that happened to me when I was leaving work happened. I checked my phone to see if anyone had called (one call this time, but it was too late to call back), then Facebook (nothing new then), and then BAM! I step on a HUUUUUUGE puddle of mud…I mean, full foot, about a foot deep into fresh watery nasty YUCK! mud. I was very upset, as you might imagine, but I wasn’t upset about the place where I was at the amount of craters on the dirty ground which became puddles of mud, and which I stepped on. NO, I was upset at myself! I was upset at my iPhone!

I was upset with my addiction to little tiny Apple manufactured gadgets that grab you by your soul and make you attached emotionally to them! I was upset that this tiny little gadget, while providing me with so much connectivity and made me feel loved (when I had calls, text messages, and Facebook notifications) was causing me to detached myself with the world around me and step on muddy puddles, dog poop, and who knows whatever else I have been stepping on…

These things are so ubiquitous that I ask myself, and you…my blog post reader: ARE YOU A POOP STEPPER? Have you also been distracted by these gadgets to the point that they caused you to trip on the streets, step on the people walking in front of you, cross the street when there is a car coming your way? Well, I hope you are not, but if you have please COMMENT and tell me your story 🙂

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  1. justdc says:

    lol…sorry I havent been THAT distracted but I do believe it would happen soon enough!

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