NMC Summer Pre Conference Workshops

It was a beautiful day in Anaheim, CA. Even though I decided to commute and had to drive about 45 minutes to get to the Disneyland resort – where the conference is being held – the drive was great and being able to see the amazing CA scenery was priceless. I was looking forward to today’s pre-conference sessions since they would be a good hands-on opportunity to learn some video-editing skills.  I arrived at the Disneyland resort around 8 o’clock, paid the $14 for parking and headed to the registration desk. There I got all my fancy NMC tags (all stainless steelish – including the program) and usb hubs, t-shirts, and shannanigans. Then I headed to breakfast where I had the pleasure of meeting some delightful people from France and Portugal that work for HP and also Beth, that is as the programmer/Second Life master extraordinaire for NMC. I was very excited to find out that she was the one that programmed the SecondLife NMC free t-shirts that I have downloaded for my Addy Braveheart avatar (thanks Beth). After a short break I perused through the wonderful Disneyland hotel and could not NOT smile to the amount of Mickey Mouses that surrounded me 🙂 It was surreal, yet pleasureful. I then found the room where I spend 3 hours of my morning working with the wonderful FinalCutPro software. Tom Wolsky was the presenter and Beth Corwin from the Digital Media Academy was assisting him and they did an AMAZING job on teaching us in 3 hours the basics of a software that takes a lot more than 3 hours to be proficient at. I learned several shortcuts and tricks that would take me YEARS to figure out. During our lunch break we headed outside to the garden area where an amazing lunch was set up by the palm trees and I had the pleasure of seating by Beth once again and Harvard’s Paul W., which motivated me to play with the token powered boats, but since I was out of cash I had to conform to going back to another 3 hours session on video editing. This time around, however, I was using iMovie and indeed I learned how to edit like a pro with this session. Video editing projects will certainly happen more frequently in my near future. In fact, I have gathered footage of my first day of adventures and pretty soon a little video will be added here to illustrate my day (even though I have JUST noticed that my footage is as shaky as the Blair Witch Project‘s,

so grab a bucket before watching the entire video). I should say thought that FinalCut is a great tool for video editing, but iMovie is so easy (just like any other apple software) that I recommend for use if you are a teacher, or if you would like yous students to create a video editing project). Later on we joined the other NMC attendees presence to partake in the Corporate Partner Showcase and Opening Reception which had great food and live music and where prizes were drawn out (of course I didn’t win anything…my Mojo was totally stolen from me by a couple of people that came near

my table hahahha). I was a very fruitful and productive day, and soon you will be able to witness some of the techniques that I have learned from the little video that I will post. Ok…I was going to stop blogging here…but what

happened when I got to my friend’s apartment complex is worth publishing out to the ‘world’ lol…So, I drive the 45 to my Jo’s house, I park the car, and go towards the area that I remembered I walked from when I left to the conference. I look at the doors, they all look the same. Then I decided to GO FOR IT! I was wrong…lol…and totally broke in to the wrooooong apartment. I noticed pretty fast, however, turned around and decided to look again at her address (saved in my amazing iPhone – and YES I said amazing…the iPhone IS amazing! hahahah) and found the correct apartment, from which I write this blog post…and from where it is time to go to bed until tomorrow where I will be attending some conference sessions and blogging about them. Until then…SIC’EM LATER

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